About Congressional Visits Day

The CVD is a two-day annual event that brings scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, and technology executives to Washington to raise visibility and support for science, engineering, and technology.

Uniquely multi-sector and multi-disciplinary, the CVD is coordinated by coalitions of companies, professional societies and educational institutions and it is open to all who believe that science and technology comprise the cornerstone of our Nation’s future.

What is SETWG?
The Science-Engineering-Technology Working Group is an information network comprising professional, scientific, and engineering societies, higher education associations, institutions of higher learning, companies, and trade associations. The Working Group is concerned about the future vitality of the U.S. science, mathematics, and engineering enterprise.

Bob Boege (Phone: 202/320-8836, E-Mail: rboege@comcast.net)

To underscore the long-term importance of science, engineering and technology that support the nation’s global growth and competitiveness, through meetings with Members of Congress, Congressional staff, Key Administration officials and other decision-makers.

Core Messages:
Balanced Federal investment in science, engineering and technology (SET) is fundamental to the future of our nation’s prosperity. Effective competitiveness and innovation policies will sustain U.S. technological leadership and encourage the development of a skilled, creative and competitive workforce.

The Science-Engineering-Technology Working Group is an informal network comprising more than 33 professional scientific, and engineering societies, higher-education associations, institutions of higher learning companies and trade associations.