Who should participate?
Any scientific, engineering, academic, or industry organization, university or company that wishes to advocate for increased federal investment in science and engineering research is welcome to participate. Individual scientists and engineers sign up through one of the member organizations.

What do participants do?
Participants provide a first hand account of the impact of their work from a grass-roots perspective and show that individuals are the foundation of the federal S&T endeavor. CVD 2018 will also provide many organizations with a vehicle to conduct a Washington visit program at a fraction of the cost of any individual effort.

How much time and commitment does it take?
CVD ’18 activity planning involves shared responsibilities by participating organizations including the government relations and public affairs staff of participating groups. Each organization is encouraged to send a representative to SET Working Group planning meetings and to contribute a reasonable amount of time to the group’s planning efforts. Many organizations help with in-kind contributions, including printing, meeting space, data analysis and research, materials preparation, scheduling, press outreach, and sharing of information.

What sponsoring organization should I go through?
Each participating organization is responsible for setting up meetings for its own participants. Meetings are coordinated through a Web-based spreadsheet that enables the organization to share the names of offices with which they have set up meetings. If two or more organizations are planning to meet with the same office, they are strongly encouraged to coordinate their efforts — if schedules allow.

STEM on the Hill™ Participants & Exhibitors 2019

Please contact Bob Boege at or phone 202-320-8836.